Who Is Hybrid Canine?

We understand that training a dog is a journey, not a destination. Our mission is to help dogs and their owners be prepared for anything life throws at them so that they can enjoy the best life possible with one another. We have developed a system for training dogs and providing world-class owner education that has resulted in countless transformations for dog owners all over the world. We can achieve all this because our system is founded on three very important principles. With these guiding principles in mind, we have developed our unique training system with you and your dog in mind.

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The principles that drive us forward.

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Teach owners how to become great leaders - Dogs are drawn towards clarity and pushed away from confusion. Their feelings, behaviors and training are all heavily influenced by this concept.  Dogs are not born knowing what you would like them to do. If they make a mistake, it is because they were unclear about what was expected of them. Training a dog is not about giving them rules, it's about helping them anticipate what life will be like in your home when they have the privilege of living there.

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Teaching dogs and owners to read each other - Dogs speak a language that we can't understand unless we learn it. Their language is made up of body postures, gestures and facial expressions. They communicate with each other in this way all the time. Most people never bother to learn what their dog is trying to tell them and then wonder why the dog does what he or she does. Once you learn to speak dog, you will be able to help your dog achieve a life that is full of joy and harmony. The results can be astonishing.

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Both dogs and owners need confidence - We all want to be able to go anywhere with our dog and experience the world together. If we want to be able to do this, we need to make sure our dogs behave and that we can advocate for them and ourselves in real-world situations.  Training is not just about building skills, it's also about putting our dogs' minds at ease. We want them to feel safe and confident everywhere they go so that they can be happy and so can we.

Our process

We've combined these three principles with our unique training system, which has resulted in the unparalleled success that our clients have come to expect. Our training program is broken into three phases: Foundation Training, Proofing and Real Life Dog Training.

Phase 1 - Foundation Training teaches dogs not to jump up on people or other animals, how to walk on a loose leash,

Phase 2 - Proofing is an extension of phase 1, which teaches dogs to respond consistently in a variety of situations.  This phase also teaches dogs how to handle noise, go to their place and kennel, as well as a variety of other commands.

Phase 3 - Real Life Dog Training is the phase where the dog learns new life skills such as door behaviors, leash walking outside of the home and more. This is often where we teach children about proper dog behavior and how to interact safely with dogs.

We don't overload you with information, we give our clients the facts they need to know in an easy-to-understand way. We understand that many customers come from different walks of life, so we're not going to give them a lot of technical jargon or long lectures on heavy topics.

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Our leadership team

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