Board & Train

During our Board & Train program, your dog will stay with us for a complete immersion. This allows us to work intimately with your dog, teaching them structure, boundaries, and a new communication system. Throughout the program, we work to remove any existing unwanted behaviors. Each day, your dog will have various training sessions, pack-walks, playtime and more.

Basic Skills
1-Week Program $1750

Our one-Week Board and Train Program is perfect for dog owners who want their dog to have foundational training and everyday skills such as: Sit, Place, Loose-Leash Walking, Impulse control and Door Manners.

Advanced Skills
2-Week Program $3000

Our two-week Board and Train is designed to prepare your dog for a life full of adventure. We will teach your dog a new communication system so that they will be prepared and well-mannered at stores, parks, and other public. During this program we focus on teaching: Sit, Place, Climbing, Loose-Leash Walking, Impulse control and Door Manners. Once your dog has learned these skills, we will begin taking them to environments with more distractions. Additionally, we will work to eliminate nuisance behaviors such as counter surfing, digging, barking, and more.

Advanced Off-Leash
3-Week $4000

Our three-week Board and Train program is for dog owners who want to life the ultimate life with their dog. Your dog will learn and master all of the basic skills of our other programs with the addition of off-leash control and reliability. During this program we focus on duration in commands, obedience in high-distraction environments and ensure that your dog is prepared to go anywhere with you at anytime. We will also work to remove unwanted problem behaviors.

Go-Home Lesson Included.
Once your dog's training is complete we will have a 1:1 private lesson that lasts between 2-3 hours. During this time we will teach you everything you need to maintain and practice your dogs training. We will go practice hands-on skills outside such as practicing commands and the loose-leash walk. We'll also teach you how to properly correct your dog for unwanted behaviors and how to maintain control of your dog in stressful or unpredictable environments. By the end of this lesson, you'll be prepared to live the best quality of life possible with your dog!

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